Founding Story

Advocates for Collaborative Education (ACE) was born from a tweet during #ASCO20. After decades of breaking down silos between patient communities and clinical care and research, we realized we needed to ensure we were silo busting across cancer types. Our group membership continues to grow.

Who are our Members?

Our members span the continuum of patient, community, research, and policy advocacy.

Some of us have been in the advocacy space for decades and some of us are just figuring out how we might find our role and voice in advocacy.

Combining Advocate Forces

Our focus is learning with and from each other. We discuss what is already working (or not working) in some areas and then extend and expand those elements to other cancer communities. Together we identify remaining gaps/needs and then approach those together.

Broad and Diverse Perspectives

We gather together virtually to assess what is already out there in each of our communities, what is working for some groups and what might be leveraged across others before identifying and addressing consistent gaps.

Join the Advocate Collaborative!

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